Unique EV thermal fluid solution           

Technical Services announces its key supplier agreement for the much sought after Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M, a unique and competitive battery solution developed by Shell and Kreisel Electric.

Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M is a result of KREISEL’s cutting edge lithium-ion battery module technology and Shell’s tailored thermal management fluid. The fluid enables battery immersion cooling by effectively controlling the temperature of each individual battery cell, even during fast-charging or rapid acceleration.

The EV thermal fluid solution also stabilises the cells creating a safer environment and improves cell performance, resulting in a high power-to-weight ratio that delivers improved range and extends their lifetime.

Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M has been engineered for batteries, electric motors, inverters, and fast chargers and is the recommended thermal fluid for the KREISEL electric high voltage battery system.

With Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M now added to its product range, Technical Services has elevated its offering to OEMs who can now obtain the correct specialist components and the required dielectric fluids for individual EV battery applications.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact sales@technical-services.co.uk

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