AF30-R Engine Cooling Fan

Large diameter ring fans are common place on many on highway trucks, and so are complex shroud geometries to trap and direct that flow where you want it. Large design budgets and very high production volumes allow for engine mounted cowls that move with the engine, allowing very tight tip clearance between the fan and the shroud and therefore much improved efficiencies to the overall flow. Even if your production volumes are 100’s not 100’000’s this is something you should consider.

Airflow Direction


Typical Weight

4.0 kg to 10.0 kg

No. of Blades

8 to 13

Outer Diameter

600 mm to 750 mm

Description: Axial Flow Ring Fan
Fan Pilot Options: 25 mm to 300 mm
Rotation: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise
Recommended Fan Drives: FD30-A, FD30-E, FD50-E


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