Air-sensing fan drives

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Introducing our range of air-sensing fan drives

Viscous air-sensing fan drives provide a robust and reliable cooling solution where variable fan speed is required. It manages the temperature of your cooling system by automatically regulating the fan speed based on the heat exchanger temperature. Once set up correctly, a viscous air-sensing fan requires no maintenance or adjustment.

The benefits of a viscous air-sensing fan

  • Reduced fan noise
  • Stops the fan running all the time 
  • More efficient 
  • Long-lasting and maintenance free 
  • Fuel savings

Explore our range of air-sensing fan drives or contact us to discuss your requirements.


FD5-A Fan Drive

Low torque fan drives, when tuned correctly to match the torque of the fan, dramatically reduce fan noise. By limiting the fan speed to the minimum required level, the fan drive will add considerable value over a fixed fan with no speed control. This low noise effect is carried through the range, as the size of your application and its fan increases, so does the benefit of a fan drive.


FD10-A Fan Drive

Air sensing fan drives allow smooth increases in fan speed that are directly related to the heat exchanger temperature. They react in real time to actual changes in temperature, once set up correctly they require no maintenance or adjustment. A truly robust and reliable cooling solution where variable fan speed is required.


FD30-A Fan Drive

Total control of the fan speed is possible with air sensing technology, even in stationary or slow moving applications. The disengaged fan speed or low fan speeds is set to draw as little power from the system as possible, but maintain sufficient flow through the heat exchanger and therefore the all important temperature of that flow on the sensing element or Bi-Metal.