AF10-R Engine Cooling Fan

Ring fans appear to be running in a duct, however they are not ducted. “Ducted Fans” are typically referring to the inlet and outlet conditions of the fan. Most ducted fans are used for HVAC applications and are lower pressure; aerofoil shaped blades are popular for ducted fans. The ring fans in our range are typically used with heat exchangers upstream and an engine bay downstream. These are much higher pressure. The rings purpose is for structural integrity, blade stiffness and installation advantages then looking at the total flow.

Airflow Direction


Typical Weight

2.5 kg to 4.0 kg

No. of Blades

5 to 11

Outer Diameter

420 mm to 600 mm

Description: Axial Flow Ring Fan
Fan Pilot Options: 25 mm to 100 mm
Rotation: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise
Recommended Fan Drives: FD10-A, FD10-E


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