We specialise in thermal management solutions and cooling systems including high voltage applications.

Technical Services is a leading global development partner and supplier of thermal management systems and solutions. Our expert engineering team design and manufacture heating and cooling components and systems for IC engines, electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) or fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) powered by hydrogen. We also design and build battery thermal management systems and high voltage cooling systems for other commercial applications.

Technical Services is proud to be the official European Technical Partner of EMP, the leading producer of mechanical and electric water and oil pumps, electric fans and thermal management systems. We implement EV cooling system design and development in Europe and the associated supply chain direct to OEMs.

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High voltage, battery electric, fuel cell or hybrid applications

We specialise in cooling system architecture and efficient thermal management solutions for commercial on-highway, off-highway vehicles, equipment and stationary applications. Sectors include transportation, construction, agriculture, handling equipment and power generation. 

Our customers range from manufacturers of buses, heavy trucks, delivery vans to some of the big names in plant and agricultural equipment such a John Deere and Claas. Technical Services work with automotive and electric designers and engineers, fuel cell application engineers and heads of R&D. Together we can achieve anything whether it is reducing fuel and energy consumption, obtaining optimum efficiencies, or dealing with high-powered battery electrification. We have the expertise and the answers.