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We supply and manufacture comprehensive range of cooling system components to all industries and are a trusted OEM development partner to many leading manufacturers.

Technical Services is a global leader in cooling systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). With a track record spanning over 35 years, we manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of cooling system components and solutions to a wide range of industries and factors across the world. When it come to cooling solutions, our expertise is your advantage.

Industries we supply

As an independent cooling solution provider, we work with OEM’s across a diverse range of sectors to develop the very best cooling solution for their projects and applications. Our experience and technical expertise means we can specify and develop the ideal cooling solution for your scenario. Our solutions aren’t standalone either. Our extensive market knowledge and product expertise, when combined with our engineering and production capabilities, allow us to also consider, not just the airflow and cooling considerations of any application, but also the effect on power consumption, fuel economy and noise. In short, when we optimise your cooling systems, we also optimise your applications and help improve your bottom line.

OEM Cooling Solutions

We supply OEMs with the cooling solutions they need. As one of the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of optimised cooling solutions, you can trust that our components are durable, optimised for your applications and engineered to the highest standards.