EMP TK1 Thermal System

The EMP TK1 Thermal System is a compact, single-fan thermal system that provides up to 90,000 Btu/h of heat rejection and is an ideal solution for trucks and machines that overheat due to harsh duty cycles and operation in hot climates.

Max. Coolant Flow Rate

50 gpm

Max. Operating Pressure

25 psi

Max. Coolant Temperature

257° F

Max. Heat Rejection Rate

90,000 Btu/h

Fan Configuration

Push or Pull

Coolant Capacity

1.5 Qt.


12 or 24 Volts

Fuse Rating


High performance cooling
that comes as standard

The TK1 features an EMP brushless electric fan. Fan control can be achieved either by an integrated controller or an external EMP C20 or CM20 controller. The TK1 is highly configurable. It is available in both 12 and 24-Volt, pusher and puller models. Control strategy can be configured as temperature control, CAN/J1939, PWM, or on/off. A WP32 electric water pump and 2-quart degas bottle are available as accessories.

Max. Power

0.47 HP (12V) / 0.94 HP (24 V)

Control Inputs

On/Off, CAN/J1939, PWM or Thermistor

Max. Fan Speed

4,000 RPM (12V) / 5,000 RPM (24V)

Shroud Material


Variable Speed

Fans on temperature controlled TK1 coolers are speed controlled by the CM20 controller based on coolant temperature feedback. This allows for optimal thermal management and little fluid temperature variation, while also helping to prevent heat exchanger clogging in dirty environments. Fan speed on PWM and CAN controlled models can be configured by the customer.

EMP Brushless Electric Fan

TK1 coolers feature an EMP electric fan. Fans are available with or without an integrated controller. All EMP fans are brushless, controllable, reversible, and built from a cast aluminium shroud that can withstand even the harshest environments.


The fan on TK1 coolers can be reversed periodically as a part of routine vehicle maintenance. This helps keep the heat exchanger cooling fins free of debris and functioning properly. Fan reverse can be controlled by a CAN/J1939 command, as a timed event, or by ignition on.

System Controller Included

Temperature controlled TK1 coolers include an EMP CM20 controller, while the on/off, CAN, and PWM controlled versions feature a C20 controller or an integrated fan controller. The controller receives input from sensors or the vehicle to determine precise cooling demand, and drives the fan accordingly. CM20 and C20 controllers also provide full diagnostic capability.

Increased Available Engine Horsepower

Any engine power used for cooling is directly subtracted from the horsepower available for driving the wheels, hydraulics, PTOs, etc. TK1 electric coolers manage coolant temperature while consuming much less power than a system cooled by a belt-driven fan or hydraulic fan.

Optimized Fluid Temperature

Temperature controlled TK1 coolers receive coolant temperature feedback from a thermistor sensor and drive the fans as necessary to maintain an optimal coolant temperature. This eliminates overheating and overcooling due to changes in ambient temperature and cooling demand.


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