Coolant hose (7318-10) solution for Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M

The dielectric coolant hose (product part no: 7318-10) is an approved solution for systems that use Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M. coolant hose has a temperature rating of -40°c to +120°c. It features a smooth inner and a reinforcement rubber outer, ensuring fluid compatibility internally and the durability required for an automotive environment.

Coolant hose

There are many benefits of Shell’s immersion cooling fluid.

With the KREISEL and Shell solution less energy is spent regulating the battery temperature because the specialised fluid has strong thermal management properties and touches more of the surface of the battery cells. This improves energy efficiency by up to 28% for the battery cooling when compared to conventional side wall cooling as commonly used in the automotive industry.

Shell’s fluid is an integral part of Kreisel Electric’s battery modules.

Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M effectively controls the temperature of each
individual battery cell, even during fast-charging or rapid acceleration. This stabilises the cells, which in turn offers a superior safety environment. The Shell fluid also improves cell performance, resulting in a high power-to-weight ratio that delivers improved range and extends their lifetime.


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