FD5-A Fan Drive

Low torque fan drives, when tuned correctly to match the torque of the fan, dramatically reduce fan noise. By limiting the fan speed to the minimum required level, the fan drive will add considerable value over a fixed fan with no speed control. This low noise effect is carried through the range, as the size of your application and its fan increases, so does the benefit of a fan drive.

Control Options

Air-Sensing, Torque Limiting

Airflow Direction

Pull/Push (Torque Limiting Only)

Speed Range

0 to 6000 rpm

Typical Weight

0.5 kg to 1.5 kg

Description: Air-Sensing Fan Drive
Outer Diameter: 120 mm to 180 mm
Max. Torque: 5 to 10 Nm
Shaft Options: M24, M30 and Flange
Rotation: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise
Fan Mount Options: Rear/Front
Recommended Fan Weight: 1.0 kg to 3.0 kg
Recommended Fans: AF5-X, AF5-R


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