EMP WP29 / WP32 Electric Water Pump

This high-performing, long-life and severe duty electric water pump is perfect as part of a cooling system for use in extreme environments especially within the transit bus market, power grid battery cooling, power generation and off-road applications and industries.

Rated Voltage

9-18 or 18-32 VDC




6.5 lbs (2.95 kg)

Target Life

20,000 hours

Configure your pump to help optimise your systems and applications

The EMP WP29 / WP32 Brushless Electric Water Pump’s ability to be highly configurable based on your applications needs makes it an important part of your cooling system solution and a key player in the drive for system efficiencies and performance.

Rugged Design

The WP29 / WP32 features die cast aluminium castings for strength, durability and improved heat transfer from the motor and electronics. This allows for continuous, high output coolant flow and pressure in extreme temperature conditions, as well as salt, spray, pressure wash, chemicals, or UV.

Lab Tested for Severe Conditions

EMP Pumps are validated to withstand all field conditions including thermal cycles, salt spray, pressure wash, thermal shock, vibration and shock, electrical transients, ESD, reverse battery and more. Durability testing has surpassed 20,000 hours of continuous operation.

Temperature Inputs

EMP electric water pumps have the ability to read external temperature sensors and control speed based on this input. They are also able to broadcast temperatures to the vehicle via SAE J1939 CAN.

Advanced Diagnostic Capacity

Intelligent diagnostics help users understand how the pump and system is operating. The diagnostics can be communicated through SAE J1939 CAN for real time analysis, or diagnostic data can be downloaded using EMPowerConnect service tool and sent to EMP for analysis.

High Efficiencies, Compact and Quiet

The motor, electronics, and fluid design have been optimized for high efficiency. The end result is the highest possible flow and pressure for a given amount of input power. The design is also packaged to have as small a footprint as possible for the given pump performance and minimize sound output.

12, 24 or 48 VDC Brushless Motor

Brushless, permanent magnet motors are combined with EMP designed motor control electronics to provide a high efficiency, long life pump. Brushless motors have no contacting parts to wear and feature locked rotor protection, over temperature protection, and over current protection.


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