AF10-X Engine Cooling Fan

Our range of mid sized axial flow fans are truly designed and optimised for use with Fan Drives. They are almost always designed to neatly fit the hub of the Viscous Drive with little to no wasted space, maximising the blade length. Fans in this range are on IC engines powering small delivery trucks right through to backhoe loaders and agricultural tractors. Very often we are matched with stacked systems of heat exchangers and well sealed engine bays, so high static pressure is standard.

Airflow Direction


Typical Weight

2.5 kg to 4.0 kg

No. of Blades

5 to 11

Outer Diameter

420 mm to 610 mm

Description: Axial Flow Fan
Fan Pilot Options: 25 mm to 100 mm
Rotation: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise
Recommended Fan Drives: FD10-A, FD10-E


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