350 watt Oil Pump

A high efficiency CAN controlled Brushless DC permanent magnet wet rotor oil pump is an advanced system designed for optimal performance and reliability in lubrication applications. This pump utilises brushless DC motor technology, which offers high efficiency and precise control overflow rates and pressure levels. The permanent magnet design ensures robustness and durability while minimizing energy consumption.

350 watt oil pump
Rated Voltage



4.92” x 3.47” x 6.52”


1.5kg (3.3 Pounds)

Flow Capacity

22 lpm

Optimising systems
and applications as standard

Proven in the field for over three years, and in production with a number of Global OEM’s, the Standard electric Oil Pump range is used in a number of applications such as; lubrication and cooling of eMachines and eAxles, transmission stop/start, piston cooling etc.


As with all our pump range, durability and reliability are designed-in, with the pump validated to >50,000 hours of continuous running.

Communication Protocols

The Standard Oil Pump can be controlled through the following communication protocols: On-Off & J1939 CAN. J1939 CAN versions allow two-way communication to support diagnostics. J1939 CAN communications support J1939 messages defined for Secondary OBD Devices.

Brushless DC Motor and Drive Controller Technology

Available with a 9-32 VDC electric motor, brushless, permanent magnet wet rotor motors are designed to provide a high efficiency, long life pump. Brushless motors have no contacting parts to wear and reduce life. Features include locked rotor protection, over temperature protection, over current protection, over voltage protection and reverse battery protection.


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