EMP TK3 Thermal System

EMP’s TK3 is a three-fan system capable of rejecting up to 200,000 Btu/hr. Each system is ideal as a primary cooling unit for various types of equipment, or as a supplemental cooler on larger vehicles to eliminate overheating issues and improve vehicle performance and efficiency.

Max. Coolant Flow Rate

100 gpm

Max. Operating Pressure

20 psi

Max. Coolant Temperature

230° F

Shroud Material


Fan Configuration

Push or Pull

Coolant Capacity

4.3 Gal


12 or 24 Volts

Inlet/Outlet Hose Size

2 inches

High performance cooling
that comes as standard

TK3 systems feature EMP brushless electric fans. Temperature controlled systems also feature an EMP uTMC system controller. Models are available in both 12 and 24-volts, pusher and puller configurations. Control strategy can be configured as temperature control, CAN/J1939, PWM, or On/Off. UL and CSA approved versions are available.

Max. Heat Rejection Rate (14 V)

200,000 Btu/h

Control Inputs

Thermistor, CAN/J1939, PWM or On/Off

Max. Heat Rejection Rate (28 V)

240,000 Btu/h

Heat Exchanger Material


Optional System Controller

Temperature controlled TK3 models include an EMP Micro Thermal Management Controller (uTMC). The uTMC can receive inputs from sensors, or from the vehicle. It uses an advanced software algorithm to interpret inputs and provide optimal thermal control to the system. It also provides complete system diagnostics.

Optional Integrated Wire Harness

Temperature controlled TK3 systems come with an integrated wiring harness assembly that will not break down or degrade when exposed to petroleum based fluids and glycol. Harnesses are built using connectors and interface terminals that are IP69k rated waterproof and dustproof. Wiring is routed and secured per IPC-A-610D section 4.5 class 2, and all terminals are crimped per SAE/CAR-21 sec. 4.4.

EMP Brushless Electric Fan

All TK3 coolers feature EMP electric fans. EMP fans are brushless, controllable, reversible, and built from a cast aluminium shroud that can withstand even the harshest environments.

Optimized Fluid Temperature

Temperature controlled TK3 coolers receive coolant temperature feedback from a thermistor sensor and drive the fans as necessary to maintain an optimal coolant temperature. This eliminates overheating and overcooling due to changes in ambient temperature and cooling demand

Increased Available Engine Horsepower

Any engine power used for cooling is directly subtracted from the horsepower available for driving the wheels, hydraulics, PTOs, etc. TK1 electric coolers manage coolant temperature while consuming much less power than a system cooled by a belt-driven fan or hydraulic fan.


TK3 coolers come in both 12 and 24-volt versions to allow for easy installation on most vehicles by eliminating the need for an auxiliary power circuit. Units are also available in both pusher and puller configurations to maximize mounting location adaptability. Control strategy and fan speed can be configured as variable-speed temperature control, custom-speed PWM or CAN control, or single-speed on/off. UL and CSA approved TK3 versions are available upon request.


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