Thermal Management Install Kits

Complete install kits for the OEM

Our comprehensive thermal management install kits offer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who are building electric, fuel cell or hybrid commercial vehicles or applications a complete solution. Each kit is made up of components (either high or low voltage) in the cooling loop; typically pump(s), heat exchanger(s) and fan(s) and expansion tanks. The install kit is delivered to the OEM with every component needed for the application including accessories, pipes and connectors.

Customised thermal management systems

As an independent thermal management and airflow specialist, we work with OEMs and manufacturers across a diverse range of sectors to develop the very best solution for their projects and applications. Using our experience and technical expertise, we can identify and develop the ideal cooling solution for any scenario.

Our extensive market knowledge and product expertise, when combined with our R&D, engineering and production capabilities, allow us to also consider not just the airflow and cooling considerations of any application, but also the effect on power consumption, fuel economy (where appropriate) and noise. When we optimise your thermal management systems, we also optimise your applications and help improve your bottom line.

Testing and Validation

Testing and validation work is varied and challenging – from a simple flow vs pressure drop curve for a single component, through to flow distribution across a complex cooling system. Our teams can design, simulate, build and test your cooling system under lab conditions, answering those “what if” scenarios.  

Ideally, we would all have “enough time” and “budget” to test, however, the reality is often a case of debugging the prototype vehicle under increasingly tight time constraints. Our in-house testing team are here to help.  

Cooling system architecture

EV thermal management is still somewhat in its infancy, as components are rapidly developing, so is the topic of thermal management. EV cooling is far more challenging due to the relatively low temperatures compared to IC powertrains. Combine this with the wide range of ambient operating temperatures and the transient nature of the application, cooling system architecture is an essential starting point and a service we provide.

High Voltage

Technical Services has taken its thermal management system to the next level by incorporating high voltage cooling components. We are the first company of our kind to make available an advanced install kit to complete the air side and coolant side demand with HV components.

Technical Services Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of cooling and thermal management systems for transport, agriculture, power generation and construction. We work closely with manufacturers and systems integrators to design and develop cooling and thermal management systems capable of meeting and exceeding your engineering and environmental requirements.

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