Thermal System Components for OEMS

Introducing our range of Thermal System Components

In addition to our comprehensive range of products, Technical Services specialise in manufacturing advanced thermal management components essential for our complete system assemblies. These meticulously crafted components are pivotal in ensuring optimal performance and reliability for electric vehicles. We have suitable components for Fuel Cell, Battery electric and hybrid applications.

Our specialist component product range is supplied to original equipment manufacturers and Aftermarket partners worldwide. This strategic collaboration enables us to enhance the capabilities of diverse systems globally while maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Technical Services is a leading one-stop shop for thermal management.

Explore our range of thermal system components or contact us to discuss your requirements.


Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M

Technical Services is a supplier of Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M which has been engineered for batteries, electric motors, inverters and fast chargers. This thermal fluid which is based on non-corrosive zero sulphur base oil (GTL) technology and designed for a range of high and low temperatures.

Coolant hose

Coolant hose (part no: 7318-10) 

OEMs working with EV battery applications which use Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M can now obtain an approved dielectric coolant hose from Technical Services.