Approved dielectric coolant hose

Coolant hose solution for Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M is now available

OEMs working with EV battery applications which use Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M can now obtain an approved dielectric coolant hose from Technical Services (UK) Ltd.

As a key supplier for the much sought-after Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M, Technical Services has extended its product range to include specialist components for its application. The new dielectric coolant hose is now available and has undergone extensive testing to ensure fluid compatibility.

The coolant hose has a temperature rating of -40°c to +120°c. It features a smooth inner and a reinforcement rubber outer, ensuring fluid compatibility internally and the durability required for an automotive environment.

Andrew McMahon, Sales and Engineering Director, Technical Services, says:

“Technical Services launched the dielectric coolant hose as part of its EV range due to market demand for reliability. As a key supplier for new cutting-edge thermal management fluids, it is so important we have all the correct components available to support OEMs.”

The new dielectric coolant hose provides OEMs with an approved solution for systems that use Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M.

The dielectric coolant hose can be purchased from Technical Services as a separate component, as part of a comprehensive install kit or customised cooling system.

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