High voltage cooling systems

All the parts in one place for high voltage cooling systems

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can now get their hands on the much-anticipated high voltage EMP FiC-15HV Fan from Technical Services (UK) Ltd, EMP’s official European Technical Partner.

Features include:

  • High airflow
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Durable construction
  • High voltage up to 850V DC

The EMP FiC-15HV Fan is designed to run at a voltage range of 450 – 850V DC with up to 3kW of power depending on application specifications. The fan and its complementary cooling system components are CAN-controlled to provide variable speed for precise control as well as full diagnostic capabilities.

Applications for the new high voltage fan include medium and heavy duty on-highway vehicles, electric industrial vehicles, electronic and industrial cooling systems. Technical Services is currently integrating the high voltage fan into FCEV and BEV cooling applications.

The robust construction of the 15-inch (380 mm) fan is durable and able to handle a maximum speed of 5400 RPM. It delivers high airflow and has a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to 248°F).

With access to this new technology, Technical Services have all the parts in one place for high voltage cooling systems and can deliver an advanced thermal management system to complete the air side and coolant side demand with HV components.

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