Rockford Clutches


Introducing Rockford Fan Clutches

The Rockford line of high-performance fan clutches for off-highway applications continues to be the standard bearer for the reduction of fuel consumption and fan-generated noise, prolonged engine life, fast warm up and improved productivity.

Through using either a standalone control system or an engines' high-tech ECM, Rockford's unique variable speed technology enables their fan clutches to respond to changes in engine cooling demands by intelligently varying the speed. The benefits of this Rockford system, by allowing the fan to slow down or speed up as required, means applications utilize less working horsepower from the engine and help lower fuel consumption, increasing the efficiencies of your applications.

Technical Services can offer the full complement of Rockford fan clutches in various sizes. Each fan clutch series number relates to its relative size within the product family. We also offer fan clutches for engines from 400 to 4,000 horsepower which use cooling fans from 10 to 300 horsepower. 

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The Benefits of using Rockford Fan Clutches

* Increases fuel economy and usable horsepower * Reduces fan blade erosion
* Reduces decibel rating for noise regulation * Eliminates shock load on engine components
* Reduces radiator sandblasting * Reduces noise for enhanced operator comfort
* Increases productivity * Increases fan belt life
* Permits programmed fan speed clipping at high engine speeds           * Speeds up engine warm-up in cold temperatures





Typical Sizing Data



 Cooling Fan


 Series 125

 The Series 125 is a variable Rockford fan clutch. It is designed for industrial and
 off-highway applications. It is used where space limitations are critical, and is
 intended to interface with current or future electronics control technology.

 10 - 40 Horsepower

 1,000 - 2,600 RPM      

 Series 170

The Series 170 Rockford fan clutch is designed for medium to lighter duty
off-highway and industrial applications. This oil-actuated fan clutch enables
vehicle efficiency gains and aids in noise reduction applications.

 20 - 60 Horsepower

 600 - 2,100 RPM

 Series 200

The Series 200 Rockford fan clutch is designed for medium duty off-highway
and industrial applications. This fan clutch enables vehicle efficiency by
minimizing parasitic load on the engine and reduced warm up time.

 40 - 90 Horsepower

 600 - 2,100 RPM

 Series 270

The Series 270 Rockford fan clutch is designed for heavy-duty off-highway
applications and provides efficiency through on demand cooling in large
applications. The effects of over-cooling are reduced in cold weather applications.          

 80 - 150 Horsepower  

 900 - 1,200 RPM

 Series 370          

The Series 370 Rockford fan clutch is designed for the largest applications. This
is the newest addition to the Rockford product line. This fan clutch was
developed to meet the cooling demands of the largest off-highway applications.

 150 - 300 Horsepower          

 100 - 900 RPM