Technical Services - A Trusted OEM Partner

We work with OEM's to develop the very best cooling solution for your project. We understand the challenges in specifying the right part, not just to satisfy airflow requirements but to consider physical restrictions specific to the installation, the effect on power consumption, fuel economy and noise.

The benefit to working with us on your OEM project is our independence. We have extensive market knowledge and product expertise, which combined with our engineering and production capabilities means we offer the best solution for the bespoke requirements of your project.

We work with OEM's from the very start of a project, beginning at specification, right through to just-in-time delivery of your parts, or on an ad-hoc basis at any point in between.

  • OEM engineering and specification
  • Technical consultancy
  • Viscous Drive tuning
  • Fan selection
  • Component supply, manufacture and distribution
  • Just-in-time deliveries

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