EMP 31″ High Voltage Fan

The new EMP 31″ High Voltage Fan is designed to revolutionise cooling systems allowing users to develop cooling architectures never seen before in EV and FCEV applications. Designed for high-performance needs with an operating voltage range of 450-850V, eliminating the need for DC-DC converters while efficiently reducing energy consumption and noise.

Featuring a powerful 19kW motor and comprehensive controller diagnostics, this fan ensures optimal temperature control. Built for heavy-duty vehicle applications, it boasts a 20,000-hour design life. With both high and low voltage connections for motor power and control, this robustly built fan provides reliable, efficient, and effective cooling in the most demanding environments.

New EMP 31" High Voltage Fan from Technical Services

23,000 SCFM @ 3.2inch H20

Fan Speed Range

250 to 2700 RPM

Low Voltage Range

9 to 32 VDC

High Voltage Range

450 to 850 VDC

Control Inputs

SAE J1939-11 Autobaud CAN Comms

Operating Temperature

-40 to 176°

Low Voltage Current

500mA @ 24V

High Voltage Current

42.5A @ 850V

Sealing Rating


Low Voltage Connection

Deutsch DT 12 position male

High Voltage Connection

TE Connectivity HVA HD400 w/ HVIL

Green vehicles
Enhanced Vehicle Design

One of the most significant ways that HV components improves architecture is by eliminating the need for a DC-to-DC converter. The power and heat output from these converters requires their own thermal management. By removing the converter not only do you remove its weight and wiring complexity, but also the additional cooling therefore improving vehicle weight and efficiency.

Streamlined Circuits

HV fans draw less current, allowing for lower gauge wiring that enables multiple fans to be bundled together onto a single connector. In contrast, low-voltage components need thicker wiring, which requires a separate connector for each individual fan.

Brushless Motor

Brushless, permanent magnet motors are coupled with EMP designed motor control electronics to create a high efficiency, long lasting fan. These motors are free of contacting parts that can wear out and shorten their lifespan. Key features include rotor protection, over temperature and over current protection.


The reversibility of EMP fans allow for debris removal and heat exchanger cleaning. This feature has been proven in severe environments like off high way and refuse collection where it reduces or even eliminates the need for manual heat exchanger cleaning.

Adjustable Speed

Using SAE J1939-15 CAN, EMP fans can be adjusted to run at any speed between the programmed minimum and maximum, allowing for minimized power consumption. Running the fans at low speeds also means the acoustics can be well managed whilst providing accurate airflow and managing tight temperature ranges.

Sealed and Fully Submersible

EMP fans are sealed and capable of withstanding submersion and direct pressure washing, ensuring long-term durability in outdoor environments. When the fans are submerged, they stop operation and will resume normal operation when removed from water.

EMP 31" High Voltage Fan


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