About us

Technical Services (UK) Ltd have a track record spanning over 30 years. From our purpose built manufacturing site with research and development facilities we supply a comprehensive range of cooling system components to all industries. 

Originally started by Gerry McMahon in 1986 from a small workshop, we have grown to be a trusted OEM development partner to many leading vehicle and equipment manufacturers around the world. Today we are a modern thriving business with customer services, sales, purchasing, production, engineering and R&D operating from our headquarters in West Yorkshire. We have ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation and strive to maintain and exceed our standards of engineering excellence.

Technical Services are experts at engine cooling and supply a growing range of core and ancillary products to three main market sectors:

TS AftermarketProduct Range

OEM quality parts, securely packaged and delivered in any quantity throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide to Operators, Fleet Users, Factors and Distributors. 


  • Over 36,000 products in stock and available online
  • We supply OEM and Aftermarket brands
  • Over 290 different vehicle & equipment types


  • Over 9,000 products in stock
  • As a product specialist we are your engine cooling wholesale partner
  • Our range covers over 200 different vehicle & equipment types


  • Over 9,000 products in stock
  • Low-cost international shipping


  • Over 9,000 products made to order
  • Individually boxed and branded ready for distribution through your network. 

TS OEMViscous Product Group

We work with OEM's to develop the very best cooling solution for your project. We understand the challenges in specifying the right part, not just to satisfy airflow requirements but to consider physical restrictions specific to the installation, the effect on power consumption, fuel economy and noise. The benefit to working with us on your OEM project is our independence. We have extensive market knowledge and product expertise, which combined with our engineering and production capabilities means we offer the best solution for the bespoke requirements of your project. Starting with specification through to just-in-time delivery of your parts, Technical Services is your OEM partner.

  • Component design, manufacture and distribution  
  • Technical consultancy on cooling system design
  • Viscous drive tuning
  • Fan selection and matching 

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Technical Services (UK) Ltd have been providing expertise in cooling systems for over 30 years, and are an established worldwide supplier of cooling system components. New R&D facilities now simulate exact engine conditions to provide independent and accurate data used to achieve optimum engine cooling – a new and exciting development for engineers. 

All our solutions are unique. Because every application is different. 

We provide advanced cooling system consultancy for a world of applications. Bringing together our unrivalled industry know-how and state-of-the-art research and development facilities, we provide analysis, design and specification that results in optimum performance, whatever the circumstances or operational demands. It’s a higher level of system engineering.

Essentially, our facilities provide engineers with precise information of fan behaviour under real conditions.

This is done by adding positional variables, looking at the interaction of individual components, and their impact on the overall cooling pack performance. We determine the most effective and efficient performance from any fan and drive, together with radiator and heat exchangers, all within the engine compartment. This is refined and improved until everything performs just as you need it to in the real world - therefore reducing prototyping time and cost. Many engineers find it invaluable for validating “what if” cooling system design scenarios.


  • Purpose built R&D facility
  • World class AMCA 210 air flow measurement chamber
  • Optimised airflow performance
  • Component testing and evaluation 
  • Full cooling pack testing and evaluation
  • Bespoke system configuration, engineered for customer operational conditions
  • Existing system improvement, without full homologation of new components
  • Independent and Confidential


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 Contact our Airflow Experts for more information by calling us on +44 (0) 1274 877 770 or emailing info@technical-services.co.uk